The pursuit of adventure.

Back to the ice.

This last weekend we received bluebird skies and I decided that it is time to head back out to the glaciers and start filming and climbing again.  The lake ice is too dangerous to walk on now and is melting rapidly so that is no longer an option for access.   I am looking forward to the ice on the lake melting completely so that I can start kayaking out there with my gear.  It can be a bit of a slog hiking out to the glacier on the trail with all my climbing gear and filming gear, so the easier the better.  It’s best to conserve my energy for setting up rope systems for the camera and climbing.  But the whole process of climbing and filming out there wouldn’t be complete without a semi challenging approach!

I have taken a bit of a break from my project due to the transition in evironmental conditions from winter to spring conditions.  Conditions in between were and are usually semi wet, rainy and just plain sloppy.  This time of year it’s better to stay at higher altitudes and ski your brains out until things warm up enough down low.  I’ve allowed enough time for most of the snow bridges on the lower regions of the glacier to melt.

Here is a picture from the other day. The ice is breaking up and it’s time to find some new features out there!

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