"Where there's passion, there's success. If your hearts in it, you'll succeed."


This site is solely devoted to the exploration of and discovering places that have never been explored… Well, that’s sometimes hard to say for sure but when your out there by yourself on a small ledge, with your heart racing wondering to yourself, “what’s my next move!  I need to get going!”, with no means of communication with the world and civilization nowhere in site…  There’s a good chance that you may be the first person to discover that place and for sure in that time and in those elements.  That my friend, is an amazing place to be!

In the process of finding these challenges, adventures, and jaw dropping beauty, I try and document everything that I possibly can.  This can sometimes be a very grueling, drawn out, and just a straight up hard task.  But when it is all said and done, it is worth it.  Although pictures and film will never compare to actually being in those places in real life, it is still an amazing opportunity to show other people the endless and ever changing beauty that is out there in the mountains.


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